Brian G. Spare

Call me Brian. I have worn a few hats in my day – medical lab technologist, environmental chemist, research scientist and entrepreneur. I left the sciences behind to find my creative side and never looked back. At last I’ve found my calling – I’m a writer. Thanks for dropping by.

Brian G. Spare

I am a thinker and a very creative person by nature. I love to work with my hands and head and put my heart into all of it. Life is a journey and I am with it all the way ready to embark on the next adventure life has for me.

My Books

The Boy Who Couldn’t Smile: A Memoir

The Boy Who Couldn’t Smile is a compelling account of a boy-turned-man’s plight to overcome overwhelming adversity, endure the devastating pain of loss, and achieve ultimate personal triumph. You will laugh and cry as Brian’s story unfolds, but most of all, you will be inspired.

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The Hunt for Moby Dick (Translated)

A story of yesterday rewritten for today’s reader. Brian G. Spare, PhD has abridged and updated Herman Melville’s classic Moby-Dick to bring to light the “romance of adventure” novel Melville first intended. From Nantucket round the Tip of Africa to the Sea of Japan, Captain Ahab stalks his foe in a mad quest for vengeance on the White Whale for maiming him. Join in the excitement of this timeless epic.

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