Want to be a professional author? You need to read this!

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This has been my experience with writing.

Jenny Alexander's blog: Writing in the House of Dreams

Both my daughters are poets and one of them also writes non-fiction articles and chapters related to her job. I think they’re lucky because they come to writing with the gift of knowing the real fiscal facts of a writer’s life. They have no illusions.

They know that even a hard-working writer like me, with lots of published books and a long track record, foreign editions, fabulous reviews in the national media, would be better off financially working in the local supermarket. Harsh but true.

They know that even to make ends meet, I’ve had to develop various related income streams from things like teaching workshops, working for a literary consultancy and doing school visits, all of which take chunks of time away from the writing.

The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society have published a major piece of research into authors’  earnings this year. Some of its headline findings are

  • only 11% of professional…

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