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Maybe We Just Need to Be Better – by Karen Pearce

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Just be better – I hear you. I try to do that too. We can try together.

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Maybe We Just Need to Be Better - by Karen PearceWe have been dealing with a scary medical emergency in our family this week.  My father-in-law had a subdural hematoma that led to a trip to the hospital and surgery.  

I am happy to report that he is progressing at a remarkable pace, and we are optimistic that he will make a full recovery.

Extended time spent in a hospital affords you with ample opportunities to witness people acting their best in the face of some of the worst circumstances.  

I was fortunate to observe and interact with ICU nurses who executed their duties with efficiency and empathy.  The neurosurgeon who performed the surgery was skilled and compassionate in equal measure.  The surgical liaison who provided us with updates from the operating room started to cry as she saw me cry with relief after finding out the surgery was a success, sharing in a life-changing moment.

When faced…

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Impatience is a form of resistance

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Jenny Alexander's blog: Writing in the House of Dreams

Sometimes, I look fondly back on my early days as an author, when the whole job was simply writing books, and the wheels moved very slowly indeed.


The act of writing was slower because, in the days of typewriters, even a minor change such as choosing a different name for a character could be a long-winded redrafting task, searching through reams of paper armed with a tippex brush.

When the manuscript was finally finished and neatly packaged up, it made its leisurely way to the agent or publisher via the Royal Mail, and some weeks later, their response would eventually come back.


In those days, I was blissfully unaware of sales figures and marketing, publicity and self-promotion, and I certainly didn’t have anything at all to do with the publishing process.

In many ways, being an author twenty years ago was far less stressful, but there are lots of things I love about being…

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