The New Robin’s

Photo by Lina Kivaka on

by Brian G. Spare

Time to check out the new Robin’s at John and Fredericks. When I get there, it looks like any Robin’s from the outside. Inside looks like all the other Robin’s I’ve been in before, too. The same colours, the same counter, the same tables and chairs, the employees are wearing the same uniforms, and above all, the same selection of donuts. Makes me wonder why I wanted to see the newest Robin’s in town.

But, there must be something different about this Robin’s that sets it apart from all the others. Well, the counter is sort of in a different spot, the washrooms have a neatly finished entrance way to them and the tables seem to be placed in a cozier arrangement.

As I sit with my coffee looking around, I begin to notice the people at the other tables. Friends and neighbours from nearby that have come here to meet for some conversation and enjoy each other’s company. I realized then that, what is sets this Robin’s apart, is not the furniture or the colour of paint on the walls, but the community that surrounds it.

Published by Brian G. Spare

I am a thinker and very creative person by nature and love to work with my hands and head and put my heart into all of it. Life is a journey and I am with it all the way ready to embark on the next adventure that life has for me.

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