Brian G. Spare

Professionally, Brian G. Spare has worn a few hats in his day. Throughout the 1980s, he was a medical laboratory technologist. In 1990, he became an entrepreneur founding and running an environmental lab, Tara Scientific Laboratories, for nine years. Then, during the early 2000s, he managed a geochemical and fire assay lab. He became proficient with all of it, but his longing was to be a writer. After the geochemical lab, Brian decided it was time for a career change and to follow his dream. He never looked back. Brian became a copywriter starting BGS Communications in 2010 writing articles, papers and ads as well as edit books. Now, he’s an author too.

As well as writing professionally, I write to answer the call of my creative spirit and simply because I like to. I’ve written on a myriad of topics from people to places.

I enjoyed Herman Melville’s 1851 classic Moby-Dick, but the old English made it difficult to read. I thought, “This book needs to be transcribed into modern English.” I decided that I would do it. Well, somebody had to. The Hunt for Moby Dick (Translated) was the result.

After continued encouragement from one friend in particular, I wrote my life’s story entitled The Boy Who Couldn’t Smile: A Memoir. When I told people whom I’d known for years that I was chronicling my life, I found they’d been wanting me to do it for a long time. To be honest, I don’t think I’m all that interesting. I am currently writing a film script for my memoir.

Next, I want to return to writing a historical fiction trilogy. My favourite genre. Stay tuned, there are lots more ideas in my head yet to be penned.


The Boy Who Couldn’t Smile: A Memoir

The Hunt for Moby Dick (Translated)

Available at all major online retailers

Other Works

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In My Own Words

I am a thinker and a very creative person by nature. I love to work with my hands and head and put my heart into all of it. Life is a journey and I am with it all the way ready to embark on the next adventure life has for me. The following excerpt from my memoir, The Boy Who Couldn’t Smile, encapsulates my life:

“In the ICU after my neurosurgery, Dad aptly chose The Old Man and the Sea to read to me. The story of a man who won a personal triumph in the face of defeat proved to be prophetic. It would be the story of my life.”

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