The Hunt for Moby Dick

It’s the most readable Moby-Dick.

A story of yesterday rewritten for today’s reader.

Brian G. Spare, PhD has abridged and updated mainly the narrative of Herman Melville’s literary fiction classic Moby-Dick to bring to light the “romance of adventure” novel Melville first intended. From Nantucket round the Tip of Africa to the Sea of Japan, Captain Ahab stalks his foe in a mad quest for vengeance on the White Whale for maiming him.

“… To the last I grapple with thee … thou damned whale …” Capt. Ahab

Join in the excitement of this timeless epic. Become enthralled in this adventure as we board the Pequod to set sail in The Hunt For Moby Dick.

What makes this book unique?

The text is updated/modernized while maintaining a sense of the era in which the story took place.

Strictly educational material is removed to streamline the novel leaving just the story.

A glossary of terms and phrases assists you .

Ship diagrams guide you through the Pequod as you read.

Available at all major online retailers.

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