100 Years of Play

Celebrating Thunder Bay Playgrounds by Brian G. Spare There was no better day than Family Day during WinterFest for Mayor Keith Hobbs to usher in the next century of the Playgrounds Program. He proclaimed 2014 as the “Year of Play” noting that this year was the centennial of the Supervised Playgrounds Program in Thunder Bay.Continue reading “100 Years of Play”

The Outlaw Bridge

by Brian G. Spare Thunder Bay and Duluth have enjoyed a good relationship for well over a century. Initially, the only way to travel to Duluth was by the three times weekly steamboat. The turn of the twentieth century saw more and more motorcars. The people of the Lakehead wanted to explore the townships aroundContinue reading “The Outlaw Bridge”

Rotary – A Century of Service

Bridge Builders, Humanitarians and More by Brian G. Spare Rotary was formed in Chicago in 1905 as an organization of businesses and professional leaders that provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the world. Rotary has become a ruly international organization of 1.2 million RotariansContinue reading “Rotary – A Century of Service”

Thriving with Activity

West Thunder Community Centre Celebrating 30 years thanks to volunteers and visionaries by Brian G. Spare A Sense of Community What is a community? It can be a group of individuals with a common goal, who work together to achieve their aim with respect, honesty and accountability toward each other. The people of Westfort areContinue reading “Thriving with Activity”

Grain – Our Proud Heritage

Our legacy of a century of grain handling through the Port of Thunder Bay by Brian G. Spare In 2003, Friends of Grain Elevators (FOGE) was formed by persons who had worked in or were associated with the grain industry in Thunder Bay. They had all witnessed how much the grain trade had changed fromContinue reading “Grain – Our Proud Heritage”

Knights of the Air

Trailblazers of Northwestern Ontario by Brian G. Spare In today’s Canada, we enjoy good railway, road and aviation systems that traverse the country. We can ride the rail, drive or fly to almost any destination we wish. Just 100 years ago, things were quite different. The national railway linking east coast to west was stillContinue reading “Knights of the Air”

Evolution of a City – Part 2

The Story of Thunder Bay – Part 2 Nominated for the George B. MacGillivray Publication Award by Brian G. Spare On January 1, 1970, the cities of Port Arthur and Fort William along with parts of the municipalities of Neebing and McIntyre amalgamated to form the City of Thunder Bay. However, the debate over amalgamationContinue reading “Evolution of a City – Part 2”

Evolution of a City – Part 1

The Story of Thunder Bay – Part 1 Nominated for the George B. MacGillivray Publication Award by Brian G. Spare People have lived in this area for at least 10,000 years. However, the city of Thunder Bay and its history, as most of us know it, began with the fur trade. In 1679, Duluth andContinue reading “Evolution of a City – Part 1”

In The Shadow of Anemki Wajiw

Etched Murals at Thunder Bay International Airport Celebrate Indigenous Culture by Brian G. Spare What sparked this endeavour was the work of an aspiring young artist and film maker from Couchiching First Nation who is involved in a project to reclaim Indigenous languages and places across Ontario. She uses commercial billboards to showcase Anishinabe languageContinue reading “In The Shadow of Anemki Wajiw”