Dinners of Christmas Past

A History of Our Festive Feasts by Brian G. Spare The Yuletide season will soon be upon us once again and with it comes all the rituals, social gatherings, traditions and food that make up this time of year. I don’t know of any other holiday season that is so steeped in traditions, or isContinue reading “Dinners of Christmas Past”

The Chapples Christmas Show

For 50 years the remarkable spectacle was produced by committed voluteers by Brian G. Spare Christmas is a magical time for children. On the first Saturday morning of December, for two one hour shows, the kids of the Lakehead both young and old were treated to the magical excitement of the Chapples Christmas Show. InContinue reading “The Chapples Christmas Show”

100 Years of Play

Celebrating Thunder Bay Playgrounds by Brian G. Spare There was no better day than Family Day during WinterFest for Mayor Keith Hobbs to usher in the next century of the Playgrounds Program. He proclaimed 2014 as the “Year of Play” noting that this year was the centennial of the Supervised Playgrounds Program in Thunder Bay.Continue reading “100 Years of Play”

Are You Wearing Your Nylons?

Nipigon is now home to our much loved Nipigon Nylons by Brian G. Spare It’s not certain when the name Nipigon Nylons was coined to describe those thick woolly grey and white work socks. What is known is that they have been around for generations. The socks were associated with the people who forested andContinue reading “Are You Wearing Your Nylons?”

The Lesson of Christmas

by Brian G. Spare What does the name “Scrooge” conjure up in your thoughts? No doubt an image of old Ebenezer himself and likely the classic image of Scrooge portrayed by Alasdair Sim… Humbug!… Whether it’s July or December the mere mention of Scrooge reminds us of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” one of theContinue reading “The Lesson of Christmas”

Christmas and Candy

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Brian G. Spare When I was little, my Dad read this rhyme to me as my bedtime story of choice from Halloween until Easter. Even though I didn’t know what a sugar plum was, but they sure sounded delicious. Years later, I found out they don’t’ haveContinue reading “Christmas and Candy”

The New Robin’s

by Brian G. Spare Time to check out the new Robin’s at John and Fredericks. When I get there, it looks like any Robin’s from the outside. Inside looks like all the other Robin’s I’ve been in before, too. The same colours, the same counter, the same tables and chairs, the employees are wearing theContinue reading “The New Robin’s”

What Sane Men Do.

by Brian G. Spare John and I met during a course we were both taking at Lakehead University and we became good friends over the next 11 years. Eventually John decided to leave Thunder Bay to move closer to his roots in Southern Ontario and we now seldom talk. But the comradery we shared overContinue reading “What Sane Men Do.”

Piglet Takes Flight

by Brian G. Spare I saw a picture of Winnie the Pooh With small Piglet flying up in the air And Eeyore, and Kanga and Tigger too Holding a soft blanket with such great care And why I asked is Piglet so carefree Tossed up in the air to fly like a dove As IContinue reading “Piglet Takes Flight”