Springing Forward

On March 13 of 2022, we preformed the semi-annual ritual we both love and hate. We changed our clocks an hour. Hopefully, you changed all the clocks in the house ahead one hour to make them Daylight Savings Time. And you hit the sack an hour earlier as well to catch up on that hourContinue reading “Springing Forward”

Remembering Memory Lodge

by Brian G. Spare In 1935, Larry Baarts immigrated from his native Holland to Canada settling in what was then Fort William, Ontario. What appealed to him most were the wide open spaces of this region. Along with his pleasant disposition, he brought his hard work ethic, too. Larry had learned the diamond business inContinue reading “Remembering Memory Lodge”

In The Shadow of Anemki Wajiw

Etched Murals at Thunder Bay International Airport Celebrate Indigenous Culture by Brian G. Spare What sparked this endeavour was the work of an aspiring young artist and film maker from Couchiching First Nation who is involved in a project to reclaim Indigenous languages and places across Ontario. She uses commercial billboards to showcase Anishinabe languageContinue reading “In The Shadow of Anemki Wajiw”

The Lesson of Christmas

by Brian G. Spare What does the name “Scrooge” conjure up in your thoughts? No doubt an image of old Ebenezer himself and likely the classic image of Scrooge portrayed by Alasdair Sim… Humbug!… Whether it’s July or December the mere mention of Scrooge reminds us of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” one of theContinue reading “The Lesson of Christmas”

The House

by Brian G. Spare I slumbered in bed for a while half asleep. The glint of sunshine through my bedroom window and its warm caress on my face was a wonderful feeling, and I sighed deeply nestling down into the covers. But gradually the sleep wore off, and with a yawn and stretch, found myselfContinue reading “The House”

The New Robin’s

by Brian G. Spare Time to check out the new Robin’s at John and Fredericks. When I get there, it looks like any Robin’s from the outside. Inside looks like all the other Robin’s I’ve been in before, too. The same colours, the same counter, the same tables and chairs, the employees are wearing theContinue reading “The New Robin’s”

What Sane Men Do.

by Brian G. Spare John and I met during a course we were both taking at Lakehead University and we became good friends over the next 11 years. Eventually John decided to leave Thunder Bay to move closer to his roots in Southern Ontario and we now seldom talk. But the comradery we shared overContinue reading “What Sane Men Do.”

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas: A Christmas Wish

by Brian G. Spare ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse …” I’m sure everyone can recite this story at least in part and no doubt reciting even just the first verse of this classic brings a smile to everyone’s face. To meContinue reading “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas: A Christmas Wish”

My Favourite Christmas Present

by Brian G. Spare I have received some very nice Christmas presents over the years. But the presents I remember most fondly are from my childhood and one in particular stands out as I recount the years. It was 1969, I was ten, and the excitement of ripping the wrapping paper off a gift pulledContinue reading “My Favourite Christmas Present”