The Original Curbside Pickup

It’s that day of the week again. Time to take the trash out to the curb for pickup. Thinking about it, garbage collection can be a thankless job. It’s certainly not prestigious. Who wants to be outside in the winter cold or a downpour of rain collecting other people’s garbage anyway? Yet, somebody has toContinue reading “The Original Curbside Pickup”

Remembering Memory Lodge

by Brian G. Spare In 1935, Larry Baarts immigrated from his native Holland to Canada settling in what was then Fort William, Ontario. What appealed to him most were the wide open spaces of this region. Along with his pleasant disposition, he brought his hard work ethic, too. Larry had learned the diamond business inContinue reading “Remembering Memory Lodge”

Thunder Bay – Current River

by Brian G. Spare Current River has grown up in the shadow of Port Arthur now Thunder Bay North. The neighbourhood started as land speculation for mining and the CPR, it became a vibrant community and one of Thunder Bay’s original “streetcar suburbs”. Back in 1857, the Red River Expedition came to Fort William toContinue reading “Thunder Bay – Current River”

Thunder Bay – The East End

Where it all began by Brian G. Spare When we think back to the origins of Thunder Bay, what first comes to mind are visions of the annual Great Rendezvous where buckskin-clad voyageurs arrived at Fort William paddling their canoes laden with a year’s worth of furs to sell, load up with supplies and catchContinue reading “Thunder Bay – The East End”

Knights of the Air

Trailblazers of Northwestern Ontario by Brian G. Spare In today’s Canada, we enjoy good railway, road and aviation systems that traverse the country. We can ride the rail, drive or fly to almost any destination we wish. Just 100 years ago, things were quite different. The national railway linking east coast to west was stillContinue reading “Knights of the Air”

Number Please?

Our telephone history as one of the first communities in the world to hold a telephone conversation. by Brian G. Spare “Watson, come here. I want to see you.” These were the first words spoken through the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Thomas Watson March 10, 1876. Bell and Watson were workingContinue reading “Number Please?”