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My second assignment for Blogging 101 is write a blog about who my dream reader would be, why am I blogging, what topics, who do I want to connect with, what do I want to accomplish through blogging? Hmmmmm? OK here goes.

The people that I ideally want to read my blog are those who are like minded with me – people who like seeing things from a different perspectives, are opened-minded, who look at life in a thoughtful way, who are willing to explore, discover, imagine, dream and let their minds roam – people who look outside the box, see the wonder of life and can view the world with the wide-eyed wonder of a child.

I am blogging to get out on the blogosphere to be noticed and connect with those like-minded people who might be writers, publishers, film makers, agents and anyone who would like to read my work. As much as I like to connect with people I want to promote myself and my writing.

There it is in a nutshell. Who

Each new day is a day to discover
Each new day is a day to discover

is your dream reader? I would like to hear.


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HI everyone

Today I’m blogging about yours truly – a little about me and why I blog. I started out as a medical lab technologist, then I ran my own private environmental lab and then managed a geochemical lab. Now I’ve given all that up to write for a living. Currently I am a freelance copywriter. You don’t need a blog when you are a copywriter, but it helps. My passion is to be an author and it’s an essential these days to have a blog for that. Being a writer I love quotes and that’s what I started posting. But a year after starting a blog, and telling myself I could teach myself all about blogging, I am no further ahead than posting quotes and a few short stories. I know there is so much more to blogging and that is why I’m taking a course ie Blogging 101. Teaching a computer-challenged individual such as me the finer points of blogging might be a long shot, but nothing ventured nothing gained. I want to tell people about my books, discuss them with my readers (should I ever get any) and interact with other authors. Writing and all about the craft of writing is what consumes my interests these days. I want to share my views about books and writing and I want to hear yours. A year from now that is what I want to be doing with my blog. All the best to my fellow Blogging 101ers. Let’s blog up a storm!