My Favourite Christmas Present

A Child of the Universe

In July 2021, I took part in a project with Story Centre Canada called “Cripping the Story” in which I put together a digital story video based on Artists with a Disability. See it here.

Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata as narrated by Les Crane, is the poem put to music that I first heard when I was 12. It became my personal creed and inspired my digital story video, A Child of the Universe. Listen to the poem here:

Life’s Changes

I was involved in the Age Friendly GIANTs project which is now part of Age Friendly Thunder Bay AFTB advocates for seniors’ independence and quality of life. I was one of 10 GIANTs who made a digital story video. Watch my story, Life’s Changes, here:

Watch all 10 digital story videos at Mine is the last one.

GIANT stands for Grand Individuals Aging with Neighbours in Thunder Bay.

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Image by Emily Smyk

Friendly GIANTs Showcase

Through my involvement with Age Friendly GIANTs, I participated in an interview on Friendly GIANTs Showcase originally shown on the Shaw Thunder Bay community channel and now on YouTube. I am the 2nd interview beginning at 9:51 of Episode 1 and runs for about 7 minutes.

Watch all 4 episodes on YouTube.

Visit Nancy Angus, the host of the Friendly GIANTs Showcase, on her website at

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